The Coats Area Chamber of Commerce is driven by a dedicated Board of Directors committed to the continued growth and prosperity of our vibrant community. Here, you'll find information about the esteemed leaders who guide the Chamber's mission to strengthen the local economy, promote Coats as a thriving destination, and foster strong relationships between businesses and residents.

Executive Committee

Vikki Ingersoll, President (2024)

Abby & Bella’s Consignment and Thrift

Debbie Cann, Vice President (2024) 

Santa and Friends

Ryan Pope, Treasurer (2025)    

Pope Financial Services

Lynda Butler, Secretary (2024)

Coats Museum

Board Members

Robert Barefoot [Laura Uribe] (2024)

Barefoot Builders

Michelle Godwin (2026)

Streamline Surveying

Cody Flowers (2024)

Carlie C’s IGA

Nick Holcomb (2026)

Coats Town Manager

Amy Johnson (2025)

Campbell University & 

Johnson Counseling


Collin Peregoy (2026)

First Bank

Angela Ayers (2026)

Noah’s Pizza & Grill

Connie Mack Tart (2026)

District Manager Carlie C’s IGA

Joe (Kate) Wilkins (2024)  

Stouts and Ales

Wilkins Barn



Tricia Bristow, Executive Director